Medical Corporation: Tokushukai Narita Tomisato Tokushukai Hospital

〒286-0201 1-1-1 Hiyoshidai, Tomisato City, Chiba Pref.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

About the handling of patient’s personal information in the Hospital

The hospital strives to make persistent efforts every day in order for the patients to receive better medical treatment, based on the basic principle: All living beings are created equal. To exert this effort, it is indispensable for the necessary information presented by patients for better medical treatment.

The Hospital recognized the importance of protecting patients presented personal information safely and appropriately in order for patients to present personal information with a sense of security. The Hospital hereby declare we will materialize the appropriate personal information handling as all united staff members in accordance with the below mentioned protection policy.

  • We create the compliance provisions for the personal information and manage patient personal information appropriately in safe.
  • We explicitly disclose the purpose and the scope of use for personal information to patient.
  • We keep protecting patient personal information from unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification or leak.
  • We comply with the rules and regulations in regard to the personal information.
  • We keep striving for working out the educational/auditing activity and persistent review in order to get across the compliance policy for privacy protection.

About the Access Analysis Tool used at this web site

This web site measures the traffic with using Access Analysis Tool: Google Analytics for the purpose of improving service provided. This Google Analytics uses Cookies to collect traffic data. Traffic data is collected on an anonymous basis; hence no personal information is identified.

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About Security

This site has implemented SSL Cypher Communication (Always ON SSL) for every page as the enhancement of security countermeasure. For the form of requesting entry of personal information, communication is always encrypted so that user is able to enter personal information in safe and secured. Not only for Request Form but also including all pages, SSL communication is implemented, hence Cookie information of site user and such are protected from interception by vicious third party.

Also, even in case if this site is accessed by http, transfer access to https: is configured. It is therefore contents of this site can be utilized in safe and secured.

※About SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
SSL is the encryption technology for internet communication. By utilizing this structure, communication between browser which user use for viewing the site and Server is encrypted so that eavesdropping, impersonation and falsification of the data by third party can be protected.